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My Experience in Body-Mind-Spiritual Practice

Shen Xin

I was once seriously indulging in food and entertainment, so much so that it led to my painful sufferings from gout. Dr Lai is the person that I must thank most for my transformation into a person who is happy, healthy and living a life of purpose. Only after meeting Dr Lai, my life started to change, I had the chance to learn different methods and meeting different teachers. In 1991, Dr Lai wished that all lives be free from illnesses and sufferings, and that all be healthy and happy. As a result, the Lapis Lazuli Light organisation was founded. Since then, Dr Lai continually prayed for the blessings; a broad range of body, mind and spiritual information keeps presenting themselves. Compared to the past, we now face many more complicated and everchanging factors that affect our body, mind and spirit. So, only if we are able to select the best ways will we able to help ourselves and others, and live a healthy and happy life.


I. Understand External Sources of Pollution

Water, air and food can all be a source of pollution. In taking medicine, we must also understand if it only takes care of the symptoms while creating side effects. Also, be aware of the impact of microwaves, electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and negative emotional energy (please refer to the book “Warning: The Electricity Around You May Be Hazardous To Your Health” by Ellen Sugarman). Recently, my friends and I visited a company, three of us felt very agitated and unwell. We then noticed that there were wireless online computers all around, one on each of the office desks in that small office!

II. How to Detox

When you feel tired, unwell or agitated, most likely your body has been polluted. When you are affected by negative emotions from an external source (for example, someone is angry at your workplace, or in receiving sad or fearful news after visiting the hospital or funeral home), your energy field will be affected. Take an apple cider or Epsom salt bath when you go home.

Apple cider vinegar bath: Add 100cc of apple cider vinegar into the bath tub filled with half a tub of very warm water, soak for 20 minutes.

Epsom salt bath: Add three to four pounds of Epsom salt into half a tub of warm water, soak for 20 minutes. If the interference is from EMF or microwave, other than using the protection gadgets suggested by Dr Lai on a daily basis, take a very warm sea salt and baking soda bath.

Sea salt and baking soda bath: Add one pound of sea salt and one pound of baking soda into a half tub of water, soak for 20 minutes. However, if it is impossible for you to avoid long hours of computer usage at work, take a Blessed Clay Bath. One time I accidentally used a microphone that had electrical leakage. My hand was so painful that I could not raise my hand. Later, I recovered only after I bought volcanic clay mixed with some herbs and soaked in hot springs.


Those who are on medication to treat their chronic illnesses, consider using various body-mind-spirit natural methods to thoroughly regulate the body (see Note 1).

Proper Food Choice

In daily living, learn to use pendulum to test the energy of food. Choose nutritious food that has high energy. Organic vegetables, miso, kelp, brown rice, high fibre, low protein, low fat, low salt, minimal processed food are all good selections.

Choose supplements that have high energy and full of radiance. Dr Mitchell May said that food with high vibration gives us better clarity of mind and enables us to think better and meditate better, and overall we become healthier and stronger and can contribute more. A friend of mine who practises meditation very well could feel the energy vibrating throughout his body right after taking Bliss DeLight, and the energy rose swiftly to his throat chakra. No wonder friends who do not feel too happy or have tendency of depression experience improvement in emotions right after taking Bliss DeLight. According to Dr May, in addition to supplying nutrients to our physical body, the radiance of high energy food also enhances our energy field and releases the blockage of energy in our body.

Last year, a group of us with over 100 people travelled to India. Due to the big difference in temperature in the morning and night, the travel fatigue, poor air and water quality, many of us fell sick. I immediately took out the treasures I brought along:

    1. Lightning Enzymes (it increases the activity of cells; the tests by Dr May indicated that the activity of Lightning Enzymes is 10 to 100 times that of an ordinary enzyme.) One time, one of Dr May’s employees fell and broke his leg bone and suffered from serious infections. The doctor announced that his leg must be amputated. Dr May suggested that the worker takes 27 capsules of the Lightning Enzymes; the infection very quickly went under control and there was no more inflammation. The worker recovered without the amputation!
    2. Pure Radiance C (main ingredients are from the tropical forests of the Amazon River; Pure Radiance C contains wild camu camu berries that have the highest source of vitamin C.)
    3. Sea Minerals (sourced from the Australian Great Barrier Reefs ocean; it is not only rich in minerals, but also has very strong antibacterial effect.) In one of the US workshops, one participant, Dr Huang, was on the verge of catching a flu; his tonsil was so painful that he almost could not talk. I used 5cc of the Sea Minerals diluted with 100cc of warm water, and asked him to swallow to the painful area and to gargle; the pain went away shortly after that.

Overall, the day following the use of these treasures, almost two-thirds of those who were ill recovered. I use these treasures everyday, which costs me about Taiwanese NT$99 (about S$4.30 at the exchange rate of NT$23.2 per S$ as in July 2010.) This is such a good health investment!

Exercises that Enhance Energy Flow

    1. Brisk walking (see Note 1).
    2. The WuTai Mountain Eight-Step Exercise (see Note 1).
    3. Hand-swinging exercise (see Note 2).
    4. Stepping on clean grasses that are slightly warmed by the sun. Step with bare feet for 30 minutes or longer.Methods to strengthen energy:
    5. Tapping three places, cross-crawl, etc (see Note 3).
    6. Methods to adjust spine (see Note 4). (Once there was a woman who had very weak lumbar such that she could not get up after sitting on the toilet seat. After she practised this method daily, she can now walk quickly and vigorously!)


The state of our emotions affects our body from moment to moment. If we want our body to produce relaxing mental morphine, rather than letting our body becoming toxin-producing factor, when we are getting angry or agitated, we must practise:

    1. 8-8-8-4 breathing exercise – inhale deeply for a count of eight, hold for a count of eight, exhale for a count of eight and hold for a county of four. Repeat three times (see Note 5).
    2. Walk away from the scene for a while.
    3. Eye movement exercise: intentionally recall the emotions that you want to release, move your eyeballs clockwise for three rounds, then anti-clockwise many rounds (see Note 6).
    4. Visualising sky-blue light – cover yourself and the person that you want to reconcile with blue light, visualise that you are smiling to each other in the blue light of compassion.
    5. Tapping acupressure points to release negative emotions (see Note 7).
    6. Practising “Zero Limits” (Ho ‘oponopono [which means to make right or to correct an error]). When our thoughts bring negative emotions, whether towards people, matters or things, say the following four phrases:

The above methods help alter the emotions quickly.


How do we increase our spiritual frequency? Dr May suggests that we always bring the energy of blessing and gratitude with us to everywhere that our feet reach. The energy of giving blessings stretches beyond time and space.

Upon rising in the morning, visualise sending blue light from your heart chakra, bless every life: may they all have love, warmth and food, may all be healed. When you go out, allow your five senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching to return to good feelings, and stay in touch with the pure energy of nature. When you see blue sky and white clouds, or even a young leaf, thank them and bless them. When you hear the birds singing, thank them. When you are touched by the breeze, thank the breeze; when you smell the fragrance of flowers, thank them! Thank every bite of food you eat. At night, when you lie in bed, thank all the people, matters and things that you have encountered throughout the day. Send blue light to those who have hurt you and forgive them; to those that you have unintentionally harmed, ask for forgiveness and bless them, then enter your dreamland.

In his book “Drip Meditation”, Dr May mentioned a wonderful and happy monk whose entire body kept emanating radiance. The monk said his spiritual practice was to say “Thank You”, including during times when he had a flat tire or even when he fell down, he would still say “Thank You”! Perhaps one day, we can also be filled with gratitude when we encounter any difficulty.

The state of inner peace is described in the “Steps Toward Inner Peace” booklet (see Note 9):

In facing problems, one is able to act according to circumstance and no longer worry about gains and losses.

Live in the present freely.

Loss of interest to fight.

No longer worry about one’s ability.

Continual strong flow of gratitude.

Feel intimately close with nature and all things.

Smile frequently.

Gradually allow things to happen naturally and no longer pursue forcefully.

Continually increase in care and love for the surroundings, and naturally emanating care and love.

We need to understand that we are of a vibrating frequency. Different frequencies connect with different time-space. Only by allowing our mind to return to peace will we be able to enter the state that is beyond time-space, to transcend time and space.

At one time, I had to handle many things all at once. As I began to worry, I allowed my mind to return to inner peace quickly. Amazingly, what normally would take me three hours was completed within 30 minutes!

All the above methods help us transform our troubled mind into peace. This article only introduces some of the methods taught by Dr Lai. If you are interested, you are welcome to search for more treasures from Lapis Lazuli Light information sources. May you be well and let us all enjoy these life-giving treasures.

    1. Please refer to the books “Return to the Joy of Body” (in Chinese) and “Return to the Joy of Mind” (in Chinese) published by Lapis Lazuli Light.
    2. Please refer to the November 2008 issue of Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine (Chinese).
    3. Please refer to the “Energy Medicine DVD”.
    4. Please refer to the Chinese DVD on “Caring for Your Spine”.
    5. Please refer to “Discovering the Miracle of Life!” by D Ingram and J Schwarz.
    6. Please refer to “Dr Lai’s Health Tips”, published by Lapis Lazuli Light.
    7. Please refer to the August and November 2008 issue of Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine (Chinese).
    8. Please refer to “Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace and More” by J Vitalie and I H Len (Publised by Wiley).
    9. Please refer to the “Steps Toward Inner Peace” booklet.

The original Chinese article is published in the May 2009 issue of Lapis magazine and is accessible online at:

Say Goodbye to Fear, Hatred and Sadness

Qiu Lihui

I learnt about EFT tapping therapy (tapping acupoints) at a Lapis Lazuli Light workshop taught by Dr Lai in Thailand in 2005. EFT removes accumulated negative emotions and I found it effective.

Having been exposed to Buddhist and Lapis Lazuli Light teachings for many years, I know that taming greed, anger and fear is very important. Although I am becoming clearer on my own emotional ups and downs, I also know that happiness, pain and sorrow do not come from outside. They are our own reactions to external situations.

When I look back at the person I was a decade ago, I see an improvement in my negative reactions when facing similar situations. I am grateful to all the teachers and companions along the way who helped me become who I am today.

Living in this modern age, the greater the changes in the outside world, the more trials we face. From long-standing habits, all the seeds of negative emotions accumulated from our numerous past lives become so powerful that, sometimes, we have uncontrolled immediate responses.

Dr Mitchell May said that we are burdened by accumulated emotions. Dr Lai said that these negative emotions come from memories where we were hurt. These negative reactions are reminders that we need to heal from emotional wounds. She has been constantly learning and teaching in the hope that we can be released from physical and mental suffering.

Tapping Acupuncture Points to Ease Negative Emotions

After the trip in Thailand, I accompanied Dr Lai to Chengdu in China where she held the workshop “Holding Hands to Create A New Century of Ecological Health” at which she also taught methods to release emotions.

After the workshop, we went to pay tribute to Leshan Giant Buddha. This millennium-old sculpture is majestic. The awe-inspiring Buddha originated from the compassion of a monk who could not bear to see shipping vessels capsizing frequently nearby in the turbulent waters. So he vowed to carve a big Buddha Statue to protect the shipping vessels.

A classmate told us she was so sad that she could not sleep due to some conflict with her husband. Later, she remembered the EFT method (see the above illustration). While tapping, she recited; “Although my husband and I have different opinions and the way he speaks makes me very sad, I still deeply love myself and support myself.” She tapped 7 to 10 times at each acupuncture point. With three rounds of tapping, her emotions were released. She exclaimed that it was so amazing! In the past, she would have sulked for a very long time.

So, if you feel hurt or wronged, give this a try. When I was leaving Chengdu, I went to the market and bought a lot of fruits. When Dr Lai saw that, she told me that in my past lives, I probably went through an era of famine. Hence, I was always worried there was not enough to eat and I would always buy a huge pile of food. I replied: “I am worried about you! I am afraid that you might get hungry on the plane.” You have to transit and fly over 30 hours before arriving in USA.”

Later, when I thought about it, what Dr Lai said made sense. I would unintentionally buy a lot of food and store them in the refrigerator. There was not much food choices at the market as it was very early, so I bought whatever I saw although the energy of some food was not high. Later, at the airport, Dr Lai found very tiny oranges that were very sweet.

I decided to start releasing my memory. So I tapped while reciting: “Although I am worried my old grandmother might be hungry on the journey (through previous hypnosis, I knew that Dr Lai was my grandmother over 1,300 years ago), I believe she is very lucky and has all the blessings of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Dharma Protectors. I do not need to worry about her at all.” It was so amazing! After I finished tapping, all my worries were completely gone.

After my return to Taiwan, my mother visited and told me that my younger brother had gone to Southeast Asia with a friend, intending to invest in the region. My whole body tensed up immediately. My mind went back to more than ten years ago, when my brother mortgaged the house to invest in Southeast Asia and the investment failed. We were repaying the loan for the last few years and only managed to finally pay it off recently.

The thought immediately flashed through my mind to ask my mother to hide the house ownership titles and ask my brother’s wife to stop my brother at all costs.

But my next thought was: “How can I use past experience to ascertain my brother’s future?” This fear was from my “uncleared” past experience. I decided to clean it. I tapped and recited: “Although I am afraid that my brother would invest in Southeast Asia and might end up failing again, I believe that whether he succeeds or fails, it is his life experience and evolution. I respect his decision and wish that he achieves spiritual growth through this.”

If I tried every means to stop him, it would only lead to quarrels and would not change his decision. And the energy of my fear would unhelpfully and harmfully be directed at him. But if I am calm, perhaps through careful analysis, I could gave him the most correct advice. No matter what, after the tapping, I felt the release and was extremely relaxed.

According to Buddha’s teachings, we reap what we sow. What I should be reminding my brother is that whatever he plants, do not worry about the result. Our past experiences create the feelings we have of this world. So, the way everyone perceives social phenomena, workplace, family and all that happens, are personal memories and feelings from the past, resulting in different reactions in the cycle of reincarnation.

What I learnt has helped me to release negative emotions using convincing words whilst tapping the acupuncture points. For example, sometimes I am afraid that people and things I possess will change or I may lose them. So as I tap and chant: “All things are born from karma and will die from karma. When I leave this world, I will not be able to bring along any possession. Tomorrow, I do not know if I will still exist. So, why be unable to let go? All things are like a dream, illusion, bubble and shadow.” Every time after I finish tapping, I feel the weight of importance attached to these people and things lessening.

The seeds planted in the mind can mature from time to time and can strengthen at any time due to our feelings in each moment. That is why it is very important to remove the seeds of negativity. With this great EFT method, when we are aware of negative thoughts arising, we can destroy them one by one. I hope that all of us can release our troubles soon. Let us release our negative emotions and create the infinite joy of life!

The original Chinese article is published in the May 2015 issue of Lapis Lazuli Light magazine and is accessible online at: http://www.lapislazuli.org/tw/index.php?p=20050512.html

Shaking Off to Discharge Trauma

Li Lee Kim

In 2013, we taught the Butterfly Massage at a Lapis Lazuli Light exhibitioncum-workshops in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. It is a Gentle Bioenergetics technique that can clear trauma and expand the energy field. I did this massage on some participants and almost 80% of them were very taut in many parts of their bodies.

Since learning Butterfly Massage from Richard C. Overly in 2009, I gave my mother this massage daily. The biggest change in her is that, in the past, she would not allow anyone to touch her – not even to hold her hands when crossing the road. We felt a strong sense of resistance. Now, she lets us touch her and it feels very warm. Perhaps this is why she requests for a butterfly massage every day.

A participant also shared a similar experience about her mother’s dislike of being touched. I suddenly realised that this is a natural reaction to trauma. My mother was put up for adoption after she was born. Over a decade ago, she had craniotomy, myomectomy and cataract surgery. When my mother came out of operation, she could not stop shaking. Thinking she was feeling cold, I kept covering her with blankets.

Later, I learnt from Dr Lai that the body can tremble with fear after surgery. Recently, a Lapis Lazuli Light member shared that her mother shook for three days after surgery.

Trembling is the natural reaction of animals and human beings in a panic. When our brain suppresses this natural reaction, it leads to various physical and mental problems.

When we taught Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) in Johor Bahru, a participant asked why even after she had forgiven her father for hurting her, she was still having physical health problems. This reminded me of a time when I shared with Dr Lai about a breast cancer patient who was very clear why she had this health problem. When her mother was pregnant with her, the mother wanted to abort but was not successful. Although this patient forgave and understood her mother’s difficulty, her body still had problems.

Dr Lai explained that even after a person forgives, the backlog of trauma still needs to be cleared. This led me to understand why Dr Lai emphasized the importance of clearing accumulated physical and mental trauma as the key to a joyful life.

After Dr Lai’s May 2012 workshop in Singapore, we began to share with others different methods to clear panic and trauma. This included Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE neurogenic tremors), Preconception Energy Connection Exercise (middle finger holding thumb), Japanese Vibrational Therapy (finger exercises), Womb Energy Clearance Method (metamorphosis), colour and sound nourishment, etc.

During the Preconception Energy Connection Exercise, many people had various reactions such as tremoring in different parts of the body, constant hiccoughing, teary eyes and emergence of various emotions.

After attending Dr Lai’s May 2012 workshop, a student practiced the Preconception Energy Connection Exercise continuously. One day, she was suddenly inspired to listen to Dr Mitchell May’s flute while doing the exercise. Tears fell ceaselessly and she vocalised strange sounds.

Scene after scene of memories emerged including her relationships with people. She said that after the TRE, she felt very relieved. Since then, whenever she did the TRE exercise, the body would self-adjust. For example, the hand and leg or certain other parts of the body would shake or tremble naturally. Some of these parts used to be painful or had blocked energy. Sometimes, even the muscles surrounding the eyes would tremble and she even once felt cold air coming out from her pores.

She shared that in the past whenever she ate raw and cold food, she felt chilled in certain areas of her body. Recently, she shared that whenever she has emotional ups and downs, she would immediately do the Preconception Energy Connection Exercise and she would immediately calm down and feel a very strong energy. She shared this method with many of her friends. Many of her friends also had reactions, especially for those who had lots of fear, they hiccoughed when doing the exercise.

A friend from Penang shared that when she did the Preconception Energy Connection Exercise, her hand could not stop shaking and there was a sudden pain in the coccygeal vertebra. She clearly understood that this trauma was caused by the painkiller injection when giving birth.

A mother with emotional fluctuations shared with us that she was beaten and scolded by her mother from young. She was repeating these abuses on her children. Although she did not wish to be like her mother, she was unable to control herself. I taught her the TRE and Preconception Energy Connection Exercise. She did not feel anything. Then I taught her Japanese Vibrational Therapy (finger movement) and her tears started falling. There were a lot of people who were unable to open or close their fingers naturally when they were doing the Japanese Vibrational Therapy. Their fingers were very stiff.

We also shared with many participants some methods of neurogenic tremors taught in “Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises” published by BookSurge Publishing. A participant shared that when her daughter was doing certain shaking movements, she suddenly felt pain in the birthmark on her thigh. In August last year, we held a two-day workshop in Penang to teach people TRE introduced in the book. Most of the participants could tremble involuntarily using the methods from the book. A participant shared that she practices TRE regularly in bed and still rotates 360 degrees. Once, she coordinated her neurogenic tremors with Dr Mitchell May’s flute, the shaking suddenly stopped for a while and then she continued to shake. Tears poured and she knew she had a lot of fears to be cleared. She realised when she was young, she had to sleep alone after her sister got married and her family inadvertently scared her, making her very fearful.

One day when I was shaking, I felt very cold as if I was shivering during winter. When I watched the DVD of Dr Lai’s May 2012 workshop again, I understood the reason for it. She said that sometimes when it was too cold, the body would tremble. This is a natural release of panic. Suddenly, I remembered that in 2007, when I went to the United States, I was so cold that almost every night, I was unable to sleep. I was really very fearful of the cold.

Whilst sharing TRE in Johor Bahru, we mentioned that Dr Lai said this: “If you lie down and the lumbar is arched and you can put the hand in, it means that there are a lot of traumas.” A participant came and told me that she had this condition. One of the volunteers then understood why when she did the TRE, her neurogenic tremors in the waist area was very severe. Her lumbar arched when she laid down and she always slept sideways as it was more comfortable.

Dr Lai taught about nourishment from different sounds such as from bass to treble and from treble to bass. According to Dr Lai, cancer cells will explode when the scale reaches the sixth or seventh key on the music scale. This does not happen to normal cells. A student who had cirrhosis shared that when she started from bass to treble, and then treble to bass, her head felt very painful. Another volunteer shared that when she listened to the sound Dr Lai made using the Crystal Singing Bowl, her stiff shoulders suddenly relaxed.

Dr Lai also taught us to place our hands on problematic parts of the body and emit a very low “O” sound while visualising sending blue light to these areas. A participant shared that when she put her hands on the uterus which has tumours, all of a sudden, her shoulders became very painful. Shoulder and joints are places where energy gets stuck easily. Dr Lai shared that even though there were a lot of trauma that we could not remember, our body does. Thus, we must believe that our bodies have their own wisdom and will adjust in the most appropriate way.

According to observations of Dr David Bercelli, author of “The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process: Transcend Your Toughest Time”, panic and trauma could cause brutal behaviour in many people and create vicious cycles. Only by clearing panic and trauma, can we have a peaceful family, society and country. Perhaps it is as Dr Lai said: “TRE is probably the medicine that this era urgently needs.”

For information of neurogenic tremors, refer to the book “Trauma Releasing Exercises” and the Lapis News, March 2013, “Shake off Stiffness, Exhale Repression and Live Life Joyful”. People who took part in the Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises taught by Dr Lai are featured in the CD 突破三度空 間的局限回歸靈性的喜悅. They were able to shake naturally. Why not try it?

May all of you shake off stiffness and fear to regain the joy of life!

Trauma Releasing Exercises, Dr David Berceli, published by BookSurge Publishing

The original Chinese article is published in the Feb 2013 issue of Lapis Lazuli Light magazine and is accessible online at: http://www.lapislazuli.org/tw/index.php?p=20130204.html

Though I Walk Through the Valley of EMF’s Damage…

Zhao Jia Yue

Firstly, I would like to sincerely thank Dr Lai for helping me regained my sight, and restoring my mobility. At the same time, I would also ask the readers to excuse me for waiting five years before sharing my experience with you in writing.

In early 2004, within the short span of a week, I suffered from blindness in both eyes and paralysis in both legs. I was under 30 years old, loved playing basketball, enjoyed sunlight, and it had never crossed my mind that I could become blind and crippled. At that moment, the fear and shock of losing my health was indescribable. I was admitted into the hospital immediately. After a few days of undergoing a range of intensive examination, the doctor said that he did not know the cause of my problems. Written on the medical record was multiple sclerosis. The simple explanation was that my own immune system attacked my central nervous system. So the doctor gave me high doses of steroids, both orally and with injections. My body could feel the power of steroids coursing into the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal digestive system and into every single cell.

My family and I knew that after one month of steroid injections, the functions of my liver and kidneys will be affected. I was still young; whatever would happen next was something I could not bear to think of. When my father and mother realised the seriousness, they were in tears and were heartbroken. I was the youngest son, so you can imagine how they felt then? Dad was always reluctant to inform my eldest sister, who lives far away in North California, of any bad news. He did not want her to worry. But this illness was no trivial matter and no one at home knew what to do. Eldest sister was our last secret weapon, she is always resourceful. When dad heard eldest sister’s voice on the phone, he immediately broke down in tears, she was terrified. She had never heard her optimistic, humorous father so miserable. After she knew of my situation, eldest sister had only one hope – Dr Lai. She prayed fervently that she could find Dr Lai. Dr Lai returned my sister’s call within 24 hours, and this time it was my sister who became very emotional on the phone. She was shedding tears of gratitude.

Dr Lai first asked about my lifestyle and diet, and then asked me how much time did I use the mobile phone every day. From her questions, I carefully considered, and realised that I spent at least three to four hours on the mobile phone every day. I loved fried chicken, every day I devoured two packets of instant noodles, drank cold drinks (purchased from vendors), smoked, ate supper, stayed up all night, etc. After hearing these, she identified the sources of my poisoning.

My sister felt that the magnetic fields in the hospital were too strong, so she told me to leave the hospital immediately and return home for treatment. At that time, dad, mum and I were at a loss, and lacked a sense of security if I am not in the hospital. Eldest sister asked me what other purposes did the hospital served other than nurses, wards’ patrols and regular dosages of steroids. I thought about it and realised that there really wasn’t any other purpose. In the wards, there are television, closed windows, aging air-conditioners, and really, these do not help my conditions.

So, I requested to be discharged from hospital. The doctors and nurses were very baffled. They thought my condition was serious and did not agree to discharge me. However, both my family and I insisted and pleaded. The doctors agreed on the condition that if I went home and my condition worsened, I would be fully responsible for the consequences. In retrospect, I realised that my parents, family and myself trusted my eldest sister completely, and my sister had full confidence in Dr Lai. I resolutely discharged myself from the hospital and went home.

Dr Lai recommended that the first thing to do is detoxification, which means completely changing my eating and lifestyle habits, and treating the body, mind, and spirit together. Every day, I drank a lot of clean, high-energy water, ate organic vegetables and whole grains. At the same time, I was taking Dr Mitchell May’s Bliss Delight and Radiance C as well as doing tapping acupoints, ensuring that there were no mobile phones or any appliances that emit electromagnetic radiation in my room. House Energy Enhancers were also attached in the room. To maintain the tranquillity of the body and mind, I chanted every morning and evening. My sister appealed to the Taipei office of Lapis Lazuli Light to send all the necessities to our home in Kaohsiung. We are very grateful to the volunteers in Taipei that the products arrived within two days.

The following months, I fully complied with Dr Lai’s instructions on changing the diet and lifestyle. I was very lucky and grateful that during this period, one of Dr Lai’s students who was a nun in a hospital in Kaohsiung. She often came to see me, helping to harmonize my qi, which increased my body’s energy. The love and care she gave, provided me with a great deal of stability. In fact, during medical treatment, not having fear is critical to recovery and confidence. When I was blind, I could only see light and shadow, I was unable to walk, and needed someone to support me before I could move. Only people who went through such experiences can understand the unspeakable horror and fear.

A month later, I returned to the hospital for consultation. When the doctor saw that my eyes had regained 50% vision and my legs could stand on their own, he was amazed at my progress and said that among all his multiple sclerosis patients, my improvement was the fastest and it was unbelievable. He said it must be the effects of the steroid. At that time, I dared not tell him that I had stopped taking steroids the minute I went home.

Two months later, my eye sight was restored to 70 % and I could move my legs slowly. This time when I went back to the hospital, I plucked up the courage to tell the doctor that I had stopped taking steroid very early, and only had a major change in diet and lifestyle. But the doctor did not believe that it was possible that in a short period of two months there was such a huge change. But, really, this is my truth. Since then, I have not returned to hospital.

I wrote my own personal experiences to share with readers. I hope that all of you can understand the harm of electromagnetic waves on the body. Try to minimize the use of these things, see to some protective measures, and change from a wrong diet to a nourishing diet and supplement with food that has radiance. Doing all these can activate the body’s own ability to heal. Do not just use drugs solely. According to what our body experienced, do an in-depth discussion with your doctor and rely on the expertise of the doctors to verify your own bodily sensations, then can we truly find treatments that do not rely only on drug prescription.

Once again, I am grateful to Dr Lai for saving me. I am also grateful to my angel-nun for her care and the love of my father, mother, eldest sister and family which is my greatest blessing.

The original Chinese article is published in the Nov 2009 issue of Lapis magazine and is accessible online at: