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Earthing is critical to our overall health and some of the benefits are as follows.

  • Help to discharge static electricity to improve the quality of sleep (walk barefooted for 20 minutes).
  • Earth is the source of negatively-charged free electrons and the mother source of healing energy.
  • Balance the body’s metabolism.
  • Regulate heartbeats and reflect the stabilization of the nervous system.
  • Reduce our stress levels, and help to stabilize of our automatic nervous system.

Some Earthing methods are:

  1. Stand barefooted on the earth, and sit on the ground or on stones for more than 30 minutes.
    • You can wear cloth shoes, straw sandals, or leather shoes (with leather soles).
  2. Take a stroll at the beach or swim in the sea.

Flower of Life

The name “Flower of Life” originates from ancient cultures which believe that the shape is related to the creation of life. The “Flower of Life” pattern creates very peaceful energy and has protective functions. It can be placed on the body, in the room, on photos, computers, or telephones. It can also balance any disharmony caused by chemical pollutants.

8884 Breathing Method

Based on scientific research, when the frequency of the brain waves stays at 8-13 cycle per second, the body enters a state where it can relax, recharge and recover. The rhythm of 8884 breathing can help you to enter the Alpha brain wave:

1) Inhale deeply and slowly for a count of 8 seconds.

2) Hold the breath for 8 seconds.

3) Exhale slowly and evenly for 8 seconds.

4) Hold the breath for 4 seconds.

Chakra Harmonizing Breathing

Emotions, thoughts and man-made electromagnetic fields and chemical pollutants can all interfere with our energy levels, dragging us down. Chakras are the transformers of energy. Harmonizing “qi” combines visualizations and breathing to open and balance the chakras. It is helpful to release emotions and clearing residues of anesthetics.

Soles of the feet (a): Visualize on inhalation the breath enters through the bottom of the left foot, up the leg across the waist. On exhalation, the breath travels down the right leg and the out the bottom or the right foot. Repeat ten times.
Soles of the feet (b): Visualize on inhalation breath comes in through both feet to the heart. Upon exhalation, the breath goes back the same way, out the bottom of the feet. Repeat ten times.
Knees: On inhalation, breathe in through the knees to the heart. On exhalation, breathe out through the knees. Repeat ten times.
Root Charkra: Breathe in through the Hui-Yin point (between urinary and rectum openings) to the heart. Breathe out through Hui-Yin point. Repeat ten times.
Dan-Tien (Hara): Breathe in through the abdomen to the heart. Breathe out from the heart back out to the lower abdomen. Repeat ten times.
Navel Charkra: Breathe in through the solar plexus (just above the navel) to the heart. Breathe out through the solar plexus. Repeat ten times
Heart Charkra: Breathe in through the heart, and breathe out through the heart.
Throat Charkra: Breathe in through the indentation in the center of the collarbone to the heart. Exhale through the throat chakra. Repeat ten times.
Brow Charkra: Breathe in through the forehead, in the middle of the eyebrows to the heart. Breathe out from the heart to the eyebrow chakra. Repeat ten times.
Crown Charkra: Breathe in through the top of the head to the heart, breathe out through the crown. Repeat ten times.
Whole Body (a): Breathe in through the feet and through all the chakras and out the crown. Repeat ten times.
Whole Body (b): Breathe in through the feet and crown together to the heart. Breathe out from the heart to the feet and crown. Repeat ten times.

If one wants to release feelings that are persistent, after harmonizing the “qi”, reflect on the feelings and ask to go to the source. Be aware of the sensations in the body. Allow the body to release whatever is needed to release. Sometimes one will have images with the sensations.

Pendulum Dowsing

  1. Hold the chain of the pendulum using one hand and hover it roughly 1-3 cm above the item. Let go of your will, remain open-minded and empty your mind of all thoughts.
    • Clockwise motion indicates a positive energy of the item and it is good to the body.
    • Anti-clockwise motion indicates a negative energy and it is bad to the body.
    • Stationary or continuous forward-backward/left-right linear motion indicates no energy.
    • If movement is not constant, hold the pendulum for a longer time as it may start to move clockwise or anti-clockwise accordingly.
    • For practice, you may choose a smaller and lighter pendulum. Change to a larger one once you are familiar with the dowsing techniques. The difference between the two sizes of the pendulum is the time required to harmonize the “qi”. The small pendulum needs longer time.
    • When dowse at different locations, the outcomes may vary due to the disturbances of the “qi” in the location (e.g. fluorescent light, electromagnetic (EM) waves, radiation). Avoid all these disturbances and dowse again.
  2. After dowsing an item, grip the pendulum and slide the hand from top to bottom to remove the energy remained on it.
  3. It is important to change and improve the one’s energy by some simple methods as follows.
    • Improve the body energy: take in food and water with positive energy, have appropriate exercises, have high-quality leisure activities, keep away from electromagnetic waves and radiation.
    • Improve spiritual energy: showing gratitude and praying.


a) Seven Colors Visualization

To visualize, look at a color and close your eyes. Recall the color, the clearer the better. Visualize different colors to heal what needs to be healed, whether physically or emotionally.

  • Red: Being at Ease, Creativity and Physical Strength.
  • Orange: Confidence, Courage and Wisdom.
  • Yellow: Joy, Being Organized and Self-consciousness.
  • Green: Growth, Healing and Wealth.
  • Sky Blue: Loving-kindness, Letting Go, Endurance, Ability to Create and Express.
  • Magenta: Inspiration and Healing of Emotions.
  • Deep Blue or Lapis Lazuli: Protection and Wholeness.
a) Sky Blue Visualization
  1. Visualize sky blue light. Its unconditional love cleanses all your negative memories. Recall events and people from your childhood, fill the whole image with blue light, visualize that you and your parents or guardians are in harmony. They give you love, respect and trust.
  2. For transformation, breathe in the blue light and send it to your whole nervous system and every cell, bringing your whole body peace and harmony.
  3. You can also visualize sending blue light to people with whom you can’t get along. Visualize that the light fill you and the other party, and you joyously send your blessing to the other party through the light.